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Though we were established originally in Berea, Kentucky in 1998 at the Indian Fort Outpost, today we are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) developed online with no physical office or street address.

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You can contact the Kentucky Colonel Foundation seven days a week online using email or Facebook instant messaging. We provide access to membership services to those who are active in the social media on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Workplace and Twitter. In 2020 we are beginning an initiative with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO where members will be able to connect with one another and take actions as Kentucky colonels on the behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in an official capacity as its goodwill ambassadors.

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Charge d'Affaires - Col. David J. Wright

Treasurer - Col. Nicholas A. Wright

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To send us postal mail please contact our sponsor organization Ecology Crossroads. Visit their website here.