First Members

Our First Members

Our organization was started originally in 1998 with the purpose of founding a true membership society. In 2001 our efforts were abruptly halted based on the threat of being sued by the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels which claimed that we were infringing on their trademark. Again in 2020 they have made similar claims resulting in us changing our name.

At the time we had reached nearly 100 members, however the record of all of their names cannot be located, what we have found though was our membership roster on the *Internet Archive which appeared in 2000." We also noticed that some of these members are still with us today and have once again become active in our efforts.

First Members *(1998-2001)

  • Col. Paul R. Mobley
  • Col. Jack Wolfenson
  • Col. E. E. Gene Sampson
  • Col. Mary Louise Sampson
  • Col. Prof. C. E. Lindgren, D.Ed.
  • Col. Samuel L. Ferguson
  • Col. Gerald Weaver
  • Col. Ernest Michael Prince
  • Col. Dennis A. Q. Santos, Esq.
  • Col. Patrick J. Santos, Esq.
  • Col. Barry K. Flores, Esq.
  • Col. Joseph S. Carbullido, Esq.
  • Col. Phillip P.S. Pearson
  • Col. David Paasch
  • Col. Douglas D. Caplan
  • Col. David J. Wright
  • Col. John W. Corliss
  • Col. Matthew A. Magrum
  • Col. James R. Greenhill
  • Col. William New
  • Col. Larry S. Shields, PhD
  • Col. Reva Jean Taylor
  • Col. Gene A. Bess
  • Col. Roy T. Twombley
  • Col. James Christian Selch
  • Col. Dwayne Kent Hanson
  • Col. Johnny M. Rich
  • Col. Derek M. Wingfield
  • Col. Timothy D. Hickman
  • Col. Edgar A. Brown, Esq.
  • Col. Gerri Hobdy
  • Col. Roy R. Chance
  • Col. Joshua Devan Wilkes, Esq.
  • Col. Steven E. Germann
  • Col. Hal Croft
  • Col. Douglas Jackson
  • Col. Robert D Bass, Sr.
  • Col. Huiberto J. Oakes
  • Col. Marvin D. Burns
  • Col. William A. Donovan
  • Col. Dana S. Hartwig