Nominate a Colonel

Making a Nomination

On Making Nominations

The Kentucky Colonel Foundation insists that its members hold and maintain a very high standard for the nominations that they make. We also suggest that they hold presentation ceremonies for the awards they give whenever it is possible and practical. Alternatively we offer our registered members additional services to make their presentations fare well using guidelines we have developed for the social media.

We strongly recommend that members nominate new Kentucky colonels by documenting and formally presenting written nominations (the traditional way) directly to the Governor of Kentucky in Frankfort using FedEx or the US Postal Service, even with easier or faster methods that have become available such as online nominations. The Kentucky Colonel Foundation does not fully support the ideal of online nominations simply because it is not as formal as producing a written nomination. There should be an interesting story behind the making of every Kentucky colonel.

Online Nomination

Our letter of formal request to the Office of the Governor to review the nomination procedure for new Kentucky colonels in January 2020 was acknowledged with the Governor's actions to remove the requirement of Kentucky colonels being active with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. Despite this for the technological efficiency of the governor's office an online recommendation form was introduced by Governor Andy Beshear on the evening of February 20th, 2020.

The new form does not require Kentucky colonels be 'active members' or 'donors' of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels as it appears now. It also appears to also allow citizens of Kentucky and other places to make recommendations as to who will be its newest goodwill ambassadors as Kentucky colonels. The new form does not specify or restrict who can make submissions. This was confirmed by the HOKC Executive Director in a news article recently by Marty Finley at Louisville Business First who said "Gov. Andy Beshear has changed the nomination process to allow those who are not Kentucky Colonels to nominate someone through an online form."

If you are using the the online form we highly recommend that the person submitting the form properly elaborate the reason for making the nomination and have supporting documentation on hand if they are contacted for a follow-up. All nominations are subject to discretion of the Office of the Governor and will only be awarded to those who have performed a noteworthy deed, a selfless act, or are being recognized for community service that deserves the attention of the governor. We also suggest that they retain a copy for their own records and the posterity of making someone a Kentucky colonel.

Cost to Make a Nomination

There is no cost or fee for a Kentucky colonel to make a nomination directly to the Office of the Governor. We still suggest that Kentucky colonels write a nomination letter, submit photos or news clippings, as well as complete the nomination card in order to make a nomination.

A discretionary contribution is requested by the Kentucky Colonel Foundation for technical assistance, letter writing, and preliminary review if needed by our own members. We also have a guide which is available upon written request by email to members for download in PDF format.

Making Presentations

Making a presentation involves developing and planning a presentation ceremony where the person making the nomination or a representative formally makes the presentation to the recipient.

This normally means that the nominating colonel, makes the nomination in confidence, receives the award and then presents the award in an official local or ad hoc presentation ceremony.

The Kentucky Colonel Foundation offers its members a news media distribution service for high level and noteworthy awards and ceremonies, for more information about media and news services we offer please see the link in our menu entitled 'News'.