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Before we had the Internet community and regional newspapers were more predominant and Kentucky colonels were noted more frequently and better-known for their local accomplishments. Today it is has become less common for newspapers to write about the positive things in life and the accomplishments of our neighbors. To better promote positivity in society we have established a news service which disseminates and recirculates some of the articles that we can find and develop new articles about the accomplishments, deeds and recognition of Kentucky colonels from around the world.

We are working now to extend this service to provide public relations on a broader scale recognizing fellow colonels. See our blog and publicity section for more information.

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This is a RSS/Atom news feed that presents selected news articles about Kentucky colonels which have made it to the international news, the stories are extracted using Google News Search and converted using FeedBurner. The feed displays the top articles of prominent sources that use Google News.

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