Public Relations

Publicity for the Kentucky Colonel

As a service to our members who support our organization with contributions or volunteerism our foundation offers online public relations and promotions of their events and projects where they represent themselves as Kentucky colonels. The content we develop can be used in the social media, online in their websites, and circulated to newspapers or other media providers in their region, nationally or internationally by email and facsimile.

Public Relations

To create a higher profile for our organization that is more broadly recognized on an international scale and bring prominence to the commission of the Kentucky Colonel title our organization has developed an ad hoc decentralized public relations initiative which connects the media with our officers. Currently the program is experimental and not very well funded, we are confident however that with some success the program will gain notoriety.

News Release Guidelines

We have guidelines for members to be more successful in promoting themselves as Kentucky colonels when they initially receive their commissions and when they are participating in events or activities that they organize.

The information and consulting we provide is only available to members who are officers or by making contributions. If you are a member of a local chapter contact your representative officer for additional details, or if you need our help we will be glad to do do using email.