Our Officers

Kentucky Colonel Foundation Officers

The Kentucky Colonel Foundation has several organizational level personnel that are all classified as its officers who serve the organization both locally and globally. Officers are all noteworthy in their own communities and are either members of Globcal International or considered Global Citizens.

The roles are appointed by the Secretariat and through consensus of local members may continue to serve for 3-5 year terms depending on the effectivity of their leadership which is affirmed each year by the membership.

Officer Roles

  • Commissioners - Serve up-to 5 years or until successors are selected.
  • Chancellors - Serve a term of 3 years as the head of a social chapter.
  • Ambassadors - No limit on term of service, responsible for local committees.
  • Consulates - Those serving on committees and representing causes.


The commissioners are the functional organizing members, though they are subject to change, together they serve initially as co-founders for the consolidation and development of the organization. The initial commissioners were selected based on their training, knowledge, experience, and contributions to this formation. They are all transparent, of high moral character, and serve our commission honorably without remuneration.

  • Col. David J. Wright - Cited for his achievements as a conservationist with Ecology Crossroads in 1996, when his tree program made the front pages of several news papers, it garnered the attention of Judge Ray Corns and Governor Paul Patton who commissioned him a Kentucky colonel, a title he takes in the highest-regard and understanding.
  • Col. Joshua D. WIlkes - Lauded as a colonel in 1997 by Governor Paul Patton based on his work as a folk artist with the Legendary Shack Shakers. Col. Wilkes takes the honor seriously and uses the title as part of his name. Since becoming a Kentucky colonel he has authored a book about Kentucky's music and a novel about folklore. Today he continues to perform his stylistic themed music in Kentucky and abroad. In 2014 he was selected to represent Paducah in a cultural exchange to Ireland and Scotland with UNESCO.
  • Col. Jon Meier - Commissioned by Governor Steve Beshear in 2008 after being recognized for his service and leadership in the Boy Scouts of America when he obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in Berea, Kentucky. Today the colonel lives and works in Utah as a realtor and maintains the honorable title in high regard as a goodwill ambassador for the Commonwealth.
  • Col. Luis Cruz Diaz - Became a Kentucky colonel in recognition for his community service and social media efforts as a consultant when he became the Secretary of Globcal International. Col. Cruz Diaz lives in Puerto Rico and was commissioned by Gov. Steve Beshear where he continues to work in his community and online with the United Nations SDGs.
  • Col. Nicholas A. Wright - Awarded the commission of the Kentucky colonel by Governor Steven Beshear based on winning a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship for advancing solar energy technology while attending Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.
  • Col. Maria Veneke Ylikomi - From Sweden, Col. Veneke was bestowed the honor for her work in Cambodia as a volunteer and authorship of a book on the four big cats. She is a researcher, writer, peace advocate, and goodwill ambassador in every sense. She travels frequently to places around the world and talks about Kentucky to others when she does.